Proteggere i dati da accessi non autorizzati. Non dovete ricordare la password per accedere al sistema operativo poichè il chip biometrico integrato consente l`accesso solo alle persone che hanno memorizzato l`impronta digitale in fase di installazione.

Il software offre l`oppurtunità di proteggere l`accesso degli utenti, screen saver, file, cartelle e programmi.

Il software è dotato di interfaccia semplice, intuitiva e facile da usare.



- Remembers 10 different finger prints
- Advanced `One-swipe` sensor
- AIAC support: reads fingerprints anytime. Even with sweat
- USB2.0 interface (480 Mbps) Downwards compatible
- Supports: Windows 2000, XP, Vista and Seven
- Dimensions: 58 x 27.2 mm
- Weight: ± 65.4 gram without hard drive

1. PC Lock
Once the portable storage device, acting as a key, is unplugged, the PC locks
itself down by shutting down its screen, keyboard, and mouse to ensure total
protection of the data from being stolen or used by others. The lock will be
cancelled when the device is re-plugged.

2. Screen Saver
As soon as “Screen Saver” is activated by your fingerprint, no one could pry
into your computer when you are temporarily away in the middle of work.
`Screen Saver` provides you with the ultimate privacy to your computers.

3. File Encryption Box
Encrypt document with AES 256bit encryption algorithm. Without fingerprint
cerification, no one could access the “Encryption Box” where you store your
sensitive data at. Support intuitive way to copy files by directly drag-and-drop
files into the icon on Virtual Desktop.

4. Web Account
Maintain user all web accounts information in PC. Auto open the logon page and
sign on when user click the entry of managed web account list. Easy to add new
web account into list by on-line capture user key-in sign on information. All
managed web account entries can be edited to accommodate the user. User can
setup to auto or manual logon the web account. User can setup to listed the
selected web account in pop-up menu to quickly access frequency visit web

5. Windows Login
Enable/Disable to use fingerprint to login Windows. Support Administrator
account & Limited (Guest) account. It offers a security function on PC Screen
Saver, Stand by, Hibernate.

6. File/Folder Encryption
Right click on the file/folder which you are going to encrypt the entire file/folder.





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